vision for the future

Vision Statement

Through cooperation and collaboration the Authority and its members shall create, maintain and expand a sustainable, interconnected regional water supply system.


The mission of the Authority is to provide the region with a sufficient, high-quality, safe drinking water supply that is reliable, sustainable and protective of our natural resources now and into the future. 

Core Values

Maintaining a strong spirit of cooperation and addressing regional water supply needs through the leadership of the Authority and its member governments.

The Authority will seek to develop a significant, constructive role for all local governments in regional water supply planning and management.

The long-term aim of the Authority is to forge a system that is environmentally sensitive and sustainable, highly interconnected, diversified and affordable.

The Authority will work with its members and water providers in the region to further diversify supplies, integrate additional water supplies into the Authority’s regional system, and protect and enhance water-dependent natural resources.

Financial Stability
The Authority will maintain financial polices to assure its financial stability while providing affordable water rates that are fair and equitable.

Water Advocacy
The Authority will be a leader for water advocacy through participation in legislative water policy and environmental stewardship for water source, water supply and resource protection.