The Authority has 21 aquifer storage and recovery (ASR) wells at the Peace River Facility. Fully treated drinking water is injected for storage into these wellfields, and recovered back to the raw water reservoirs when needed to meet Authority Customer demands in dry periods. The Authority’s ASR system was designed to store up to 6.3 billion gallons and also includes 24 monitor wells completed at various depths to help gauge system performance.




The primary storage zone in the aquifer is the Suwannee Limestone at a depth of 600 to 900 feet below land surface. Some water is also stored in the Tampa Limestone between about 350 and 500 feed below land surface. Injection rates into the ASR system typically range from about 5 million to 15 million gallons per day depending on demand and operating conditions at the Peace River Water Treatment Facility. Recovery rates typically range from about 5 million to about 17 million gallons per day as needed to support raw water reservoir storage during dry periods.