Overview of the Project

Finished water is conveyed from the Peace River Manasota 1Pipeline2Regional Water Supply Authority to customers through a regional network of about 65 miles of large diameter transmission pipelines. Known as the Regional Integrated Loop system, these pipelines form a critical element of our collective community infrastructure because businesses, residences, and institutions alike all rely upon potable water supply to function properly.

The Regional Integrated Loop concept is a long-term program to enhance infrastructure resiliency, reliability, and improve the level-of-service to the Authority’s members and customers. This program is being implemented in phases and the name of this project, “Phase 1”, is derived from how the pipeline segments were initially described in the original planning studies over 10 years ago. The Phase 1 Interconnect will provide a direct plant-to-plant connection between the Authority’s Peace River Facility located in DeSoto County and the 1-24mgd1City of Punta Gorda Shell Creek Treatment Plant located in Charlotte County.

The Phase 1 Interconnect is conceived as a 6.3 mile, 24-inch diameter regional water transmission main which will be used to convey water to and from the connected water treatment plants. The project will improve water supply availability and reliability for the City and the Region, including providing a critical backup water supply from Punta Gorda to the DeSoto County water system. Additionally, the Phase 1 Interconnect will provide access to regional water along the US 17 corridor in Charlotte County.

The project is envisioned to deliver up to 4-million gallons per day (mgd) 1Waterwayof regional finished water from the Peace River Facility to the City’s Shell Creek Water Treatment Plant and to receive up to 2-mgd from the City’s Shell Creek Water Treatment Plant. The project will also include a subaqueous crossing of Shell Creek by horizontal directional drilling, and metering facilities.

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